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The contract is valid for the duration of the lease and the tenant is required to respect the rules set out in the contract during their stay. No deviation from the rules is made under any circumstances and any derogation constitutes a violation of the agreed terms and, in such cases, the owner is allowed to take action in accordance with the terms of the agreement. Conclusion: – Before moving into PG accommodation, you should enter into a paid foster caring contract with the owner. This document protects you from conflicts arising from the owner`s welcome report. In addition, it will provide you with proof of the local address, the rent you pay and the facilities you can enjoy as a paying guest during your stay. 4. What if the owner is not willing to use an agreement? You can add more details, change or remove other clauses if you wish. Once you are satisfied with the agreement, you must print it on stamp paper and all participants must sign the deed. They also need the signatures of two witnesses. You`re done! You must draw the owner`s attention to his rights as part of an agreement and how he can be safe while giving permission to a foreigner to live in his own premises as a paid guest. If the owner does not accept an agreement, it seems that he is taking a risk from you. It is best to avoid such cases. No, there is no need to authenticate an overly notarized PG agreement.

As long as the agreement is concluded on stamp paper at the desired value, the document is considered valid. As a precautionary and safety precaution, it is recommended that anyone wishing to go to the accommodation prepares an agreement with the owner with clear business conditions in the first place. The rent must be paid in advance on the 5th of each month, along with other costs mentioned in the rental agreement. The tenancy agreement would require the tenant to pay for the performance of the contract, police verification and other additional costs that are not part of the original surety. These fees are non-refundable and must be paid two days before the withdrawal date for the agreement to be concluded. These fees must be paid each time the lease is renewed at the end of the period. Please note that Teddy PG is not responsible for a delay in the audit process due to circumstances beyond the control of any of the parties involved in the audit process. An agreement determines the roles and responsibilities of the owner and the paying customer. Usually with the stay, the food is also provided by many owners.

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