South Pacific Trade Agreement

According to the Office of the United States Trade Representative, the TPP imposes “binding and fully enforceable obligations” on signatories to “protect the freedom to form and bargain collectively” and to “protect child labour and forced labour from exploitation from discrimination in the workplace.” [145] The obligations include “acceptable working conditions laws for minimum wage, hours of work and safety and health in the workplace.” [145] The USTR insists that countries such as Malaysia and Vietnam, if they do not impose provisions on forced labour, human trafficking and collective bargaining, will no longer enjoy the economic benefits of the TPP agreement. [146] The Office of the United States Trade Representative challenges the idea that ISDS “challenges the sovereign capacity of governments to impose any measures they wish to protect workers` rights, the environment or other public welfare issues.” [131] The International Bar Association (IBA) echoes this view and notes that “while investment contracts restrict the ability of states to impose arbitrary or discriminatory treatment, they do not restrict (and, in fact, expressly protect) a state`s sovereign right to regulate in the public interest in a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory manner.” [132] The White House notes that investment protection is an integral part of more than 3,000 trade agreements, the vast majority of which have some form of neutral arbitration. [143] The United States participates in at least 50 such agreements, has experienced only 13 isDS cases and has never lost a case of ISDS. [143] The White House asserts that the components of the TPP ISDR are an improvement and improvement over ISDS in other trade agreements: the TPP makes it clear that governments can regulate in the public interest (including health, safety and the environment); The TPP provides for the ability to promptly dismiss reckless claims and to grant rights against the applicant in order to discourage such actions; Fictitious companies are prevented from accessing investment protection measures; and arbitration procedures under the TPP are publicly available and allow non-parties to lodge appeals. [143] In October 2018, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that despite its geographical distance, the UK would be welcomed “with open arms” in the CPTPP, indicating that CPTP member states could use the agreement as a global diplomatic framework in the coming years. A 2016 study by political scientists Todd Allee and Andrew Lugg of the University of Maryland suggests that the TPP, if it becomes a standard legal text, will mark future cooperation and trade agreements. [85] The TPP has been the target of attacks from across the U.S. political spectrum, particularly during the 2016 presidential campaign, as well as from some groups in other participating countries. Mr. Trump has long criticized the deal, saying it would increase the number of manufacturing jobs abroad, increase the U.S. trade deficit and fail to address currency manipulation by U.S.

trading partners. from contempt to mistrust to cautious accolade… The conclusion of a TPP agreement in early October sparked a heated debate in Beijing, with the weight of the elite appearing to be collapsing in the direction of possible membership; The head of the China-sponsored Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Jin Liqun, announced his support shortly after the announcement of the TPP agreement in Washington. As with many trade agreements, the TPP negotiations have been conducted in a very secret. Draft agreements were kept secret during the negotiations and access to the working text was severely restricted, even for government officials and representatives of the companies involved in the discussions. [200] However, some sections of TPP projects were leaked to the public by WikiLeaks, which published a draft chapter on intellectual property in 2013[201][202] a draft environmental chapter in 2014[203] and the last chapter on property

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