Whsmith Tenancy Agreement Review

Our tenants have signed a secure tenancy agreement in accordance with the first part of the Housing Act 1988. I quote the agreement itself: “A 12-month term from 24.06.2006. A six-month break clause applies. Each party must set one month to terminate the lease at six months. The lease cannot be terminated for six months. 2. Since the contract does not provide for notice or a break clause, are tenants entitled to terminate the contract and are therefore responsible for the rent of the remaining six months? Or give their legal rights to the termination of one month after six months, regardless of the agreement. I would also say that I would always fight for the landlords, but that the landlords should also try to deal fairly with their tenants. If you leave at the end of six months after advising him to leave, to allow him access to show the property to potential tenants, etc., he should go to the small claims court to keep you in agreement. At this point, you draw attention to the abusive duration of the contract, you have copies of the letters you wrote to the owner, etc. He would have to prove that he tried to find another tenant and provide copies of newspaper advertisements, applications received, etc. The court is unlikely to decide that you should always be responsible for the rent if the landlord has not done what he should. My question is: Is she allowed to enter without our permission if we are not in the house? And can we deny access to the agent to show the property to the new tenants? Our lease is really vague in this language and only mentions a termination without notice, but nothing clear. Any lease that is valid for a certain period of time and expires, but continues without a new contract, automatically becomes a legal periodic lease.

The way I have always explained it is that if I were a landlord, I would be very satisfied with the legal periodic rents, because that would mean that I could only be laid off for two months and get the property back. If I were a tenant, I would want more security than a periodic lease could offer. It is worth talking to your tenants about whether they want agreements every six months (or perhaps every year after the tenant has lived there for six months and there has been no problem). I think the agreement you are mentioning is correct, but the wording is not necessary because it automatically changes. There are no drawbacks. The residential tenant has a formulation that can be used. You can get it by downloading the free rental agreement (see home page). Also, be very firm with the girl – give a rent of six months, be very clear that there is not only rent, there is the issue of tenants as the behavior you distribute when there are complaints from neighbors. I think the new landlords want me to stay a tenant, but I don`t know what to do to sign a new lease. Do I have additional rights because I have been living in the property for three years, and would I lose them if I had signed a new agreement? 1 If the tenant wants access to the property before moving in, how much does the lease have to start? Your lawyer. I would always recommend a first short-term rent of six months.

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