Samuel Adams IPA Hop-logy

Samuel Adams IPA Hop-logy | Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery.

Art Director: Matt Moffatt | Designers: Joe Dion & Jim Dumas | Label illustrations: Dahl Taylor | Variety pack illustrations: Bernard Maisner

Mendola Artists and Gerald & Cullen Rapp Team Up with Boston Beer

Boston Beer has produced a limited edition Samuel Adams IPA Hop-logy variety pack containing an assortment of beers adorned with labels illustrated by Dahl Taylor. For Dahl, this mix pack is the culmination of an ongoing project and it was exciting to see how well the labels coordinate. Dahl combines his eclectic style, a dash of humor and exceptional drawing skills, giving each bottle the appearance of a relic.

Coincidentally, the case for the pack was hand-drawn in chalk by Bernard Maisner, an artist from our affiliate, Gerald & Cullen Rapp. Bernard Maisner, internationally renowned for his hand-lettering work, illustrated the case for the Samuel Adams IPA Hop-Ology variety pack, drawing in chalk. Although the labels on the beer bottles were done in an entirely different medium, Bernard was able to create a cohesive package that harmonizes beautifully.

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