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Movie Posters That Look The Same

Wait, I’ve already seen this movie! Or have I? It’s hard to tell nowadays with all the posters looking alike.

As Christophe Courtois cleverly noticed, the people in the film industry rarely bother to come up with an original poster for their movie. He organized similar posters in groups to show us the most common clichés in poster design.

Apparently, this is helpful when taking your girl to the movies, because you can guess the movie content pretty accurately. A few tips from the expert: stay clear of anything having a couple with their backs turned on each other or laying in bed, and you’ve made your choice 98% safe from watching achick flick. To impress her with an artsy drama, pick the one with the most letters written over it. A big staring eye gets you a sci-fi movie, and if you’re in the mood for an action thriller, go for the blurred running silhouettes in either blue or orange. The last piece of advice – if you see Adam Sandler on it, just run and don’t look back.

Yellow color posters

Wildlife posters, blue color

Tom Cruise side profile posters

Face and text posters

Side by side, back to back posters.

Red dresses in posters

Ocean and man silhouette posters.

Legs apart posters

Eye on posters

Black and white with fire effect posters

From the back posters.

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