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Crystal Head Vodka

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“Crystal Head Vodka was launched in 2008 by Dan Aykroyd and John Alexander, both interested in the legend of the 13 crystal skulls. It was from this inspiration, that the concept for Crystal Head Vodka came to be. The heads are thought to offer spiritual power and enlightenment to those who possess them, and as such stands not as a symbols of death, but of life. This Vodka is triple distilled by using Herkimer Diamonds, found in very few places in the world including Herkimer, New York and regions of Tibet and Afghanistan, combined with the water taken from deep aquifers in the Newfoundland, Canada creates the perfect spirt.

The bottle was designed by the Milan-based manufacturer Bruni Glass who declared it to be a bottle of unsurpassed complexity and quality. However, due to the controversial nature of the skull shaped bottle, the vodka was banned in 2008 from Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) shelves, in 2010 Crystal Head Vodka was unbanned from shelfs at LCBO.

The goal of this concept project was to design a cardboard box that would stand out from conventional vodka packaging and branding while promoting a sense of curiosity about its contents. With eight equal sides and a square top and base, this box clearly embodies the form, purity and simplicity of the crystal.

Made from 100% recycled cardboard, the box’s shape, while unique and sophisticated, still allows for conventional stacking and storage. This was one of the strongest points to consider in the process of developing this conceptual package for such a fine product. In addition, the graphics for the package were meant to be almost the same as the original box but in a minimalist and elegant way.

The new design perfectly complements the great craftsmanship behind both the vodka and the bottle while maintaining an allure of it’s own.”

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