Paris Boulevards – Gravuras coloridas à mão

BibliOdyssey: Paris Boulevards.

Paris Boulevards

Hand-coloured etchings of 1870s street
scenes in Paris by A.-P Martial

title page etching horse + carriage + text

‘Les Boulevards de Paris’ – title page / preface

*the text is approx. the etymology of the word boulevard
*horse-drawn vehicles = véhicules hippomobiles
*Porte Saint-Denis [monument] seen top left

etched engraving of wedge-shaped french building; pedestrian milling about below

Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle : Rues de la Lune, Beauregard et de Cléry

19th c. rear view of carriages on street

Boulevard Poissonnière : Voitures, chaussées (cars [cabs], roads)

*featuring Colonnes Morris : Morris columns (in colour) displaying advertisements

1870s etching of Parisian arcade

Passage de l’Opéra : Boulevard des Italiens^

Boulevard Saint-Martin - Théâtres de la Renaissance et de la Porte Saint Martin 1877

Boulevard Saint-Martin : Théâtres de la Renaissance^ et de la Porte Saint Martin

section of shopfronts including London Cafe + people outside the bus station

Bureau des omnibus

1870s street-scene of pedestrian on footpaths and double-decker horse-drawn carriages

Boulevard de la Madeleine : Station des Omnibus

Omnibus de l'Odéon 1877

Omnibus de l’Odéon

P Martial's engraving of Paris florist and city scape 1877

Eglise de Bonne-Nouvelle

*Florist’s street store with the Church of Good News in the background

2 Paris street & theatre scenes 19th cent.

Perron du Théâtre Déjazet Gaité – Folies dramatiques : Boulevard du Temple

Paris street corner - horse & cab, pedestrians, 1877 etching book illustration

Refuge rue de Sèze

couple with umbrella on 1870s Paris street corner

Tavernier Bonvalet – Jardin Turc : Boulevard du Temple

Boulevard Montmartre - Passage Jouffroy 1877

Boulevard Montmartre. : Passage Jouffroy

{Les Passages Couverts}

Boulevard Montmartre - Passage des Panoramas 1877

Boulevard Montmartre : Passage des Panoramas [W & F]

Boulevard des Italiens - Tortoni 1877

Boulevard des Italiens : Tortoni

*Tortoni: the dessert legends: ONE -><- TWO

vintage engraving - Paris sidewalk with pedestrians and storefronts

Boulevard des Italiens – Librairie Nouvelle^

Boulevard des Capucines 1877

Boulevard des Capucines : Place de l’Opéra

The Boulevard des Capucines is one of the four ‘grands boulevards‘ in Paris, a chain of boulevards running east-west that also includes Boulevard de la Madeleine, Boulevard des Italiens, and Boulevard Montmartre.”

Boulevard des Capucines - Maison Violet rue Scribe 1877

Boulevard des Capucines : Maison Violet rue Scribe

“The tone is essentially aristocratic. Inner boudoirs sell the paraphernalia of the toilette, notably the house’s own exclusive ‘Reine des Abeilles’, or Queen Bee, cosmetic preparations, by appointment to the Empress.”*

“*The Guide to Gay Paree 1869 – Part 5: Shopping” is an excerpt from ‘Paris Partout! A guide for the English and American Traveller in 1869 or How to see PARIS for 5 guineas’ [see all 8 posts excerpted from that book] — from the Victorian Paris: Life in 19th Century Paris blog.

Figaro - APM (Potement) by AP Martial 1877


*Le Figaro is a daily newspaper founded in 1826 [FEW]

Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle - Poste de Police 1877

Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle : Poste de Police

*Florist (+/- itinerant traders) outside police station

Boulevard Beaumarchais - Théâtre Beaumarchais 1877

Boulevard Beaumarchais – Théâtre Beaumarchais

*The Beaumarchais Theatre, in the 4th arrondissement^, was established in 1835 and rebuilt in 1892 (the scene features a street toilet)

{All the images above have been cropped from their usual appearance as centrally-located, small illustrations on otherwise blank pages; a few have been very lightly background cleaned. Library stamps have been removed from each print and the images above with black borders were spliced together from screenshots}


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