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Voices Of East Anglia: Cinematic – Vintage Movie Theatres and Cinemas.

Cinematic – Vintage Movie Theatres and Cinemas

Beer Sheba Oroth Hanegeb Time to get your popcorn ready as we take a look at some cinemas from the past and worldwide – from Israel (Above) to Sunset Boulevard, California in 1966. The pictures are mainly of postcards, and show a mixture of styles- from Brutalist Architecture movie theatres in Russia to Googie style cinemas in Mexico. Now, turn off your mobile phone and enjoy the show.
Cinema Río 70, Monterrey, Mexico
Suriname Cinema CityGabon Port Gentil Cine de Togoue

Dahomey Cotonou Cine Les Cocotiers

KY Bishkek Cine Russia

Koweit Kuwait Cinema Ahmadi

Filmtheater Prager Straße (Rundkino), Dresden, Germany, Seventies

Pacific's Cinerama Theatre, LA CA, 1963

Martin Cinerama Theatre Postcard

Cooper Theater Postcard

Grauman's Chinese Theatre Detail From Postcard

Hemet Movie Theater Postcard (close-up)

Кинотеатр Шипка (Shipka Cinema), Samara (formerly Kuibyshev or Куйбышев), Russia, 1986

Dobritch Cinema (Кино Добрич), Shumen, Bulgaria, 1965

Кинотеатр Баргузин (Barguzin Cinema), Irkutsk (Ирку́тск), Siberia, Sixties

Pacific's Cinerama Theatre, LA CA, 1966

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