30 Inspirational Logos With Animal Shapes

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30 Inspirational Logos With Animal Shapes

Writen by Bogdan

Creating a logo is a hard thing to do because in a single image you need to include everything starting from that company’s ideology and all the way to the  consumer’s psychology. Because there are many types of businesses, there are many types of logos such logos based on typography, logos only based on initials, logos based on colors, animals or shapes. Animal based logos are made for more reasons, such as:

– the consumer has an affinity for that certain animal;

– the business is related to animals such as pet shops;

– the brand’s name is related to an animal;

– the logo wants to show the brand’s power or stability by using animals such as lions or elephants;

Whatever the purpose, including an animal into a logo can be a risky business when it comes to extending the coverage area of that brand. For examples, for the city X, the bat sign means nocturne activity and can be included successfully into a music club logo, but for the city Y, the bat sign means bad luck, death or ugliness, so there’s a high probability that the brand will fail to attract the consumers.  As I said, creating a logo based on animal shapes is risky if it’s not made well.

Check out these 30 logos with animal shapes and let me know what you think. Would they succeed in your town?



Elephant Combs

Huma Publication

Human Rights


Damodar Biomarket


Sneaky Elephant

Pacific Fish Grill


Fast Eddies Barber


Black Coffee

Fisher Druck

The Smiling Hippo



Billy Turf


Bonne Marque


Logobird Designs


Infinite Monkey Press

Ris 2010

Chameleon chili sauce

Silent Monkey



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