Genial! Free Box Template Maker

Free Template Maker.


Free online template maker.

Need to wrap an odd-shaped gift? Create a box for it! Measure it up, choose a template and print it.

Gift Box

A typical gift box. Use this when the dimensions of the sides don’t differ very much.
  •  Inches


What is this good for?

This generator simply creates a custom sized paper model for a box or an envelope. It does the math and all the drawing-work for you.

Some of the uses for a paper-box:

  • A nice gift-wrap for a present with an irregular shape, for example a sphere or a jar.
  • Profesional-looking package.
  • Storage, for example: create card boxes to store all the assets from a board game.



The template will have the exact size you enter, but you need to turn of scaling when printing.

When you’re printing from Adobe Acrobat reader, set page scaling to none in the print options dialogue box (example).

Boxes need quite a lot of paper. Using an standard printer, the biggest you can print is a 6 cm x 6 cm x cm box. (6 cm is appr. 2.5 inch). The first things that will fall of the page are the ‘tapers’ and glue-strips. That’s okay, these don’t need to be exact.



  • Use heavy paper for folding: the heaviest my printer can still manage is 180 grams. (Normal office paper is 80 grams)
  • Use a scissors and a ruler to cut halfway through the dotted lines (scoring). This will give very sharp folds.



The template creates just a blank template. If you want a nice pattern you can either:

  • Print on the same sheet twice. The first time you print the pattern, the second time you print the template om the backside.
  • Print directly on paper with a pattern, for example paper used for scrap-books.
  • Glue the template onto a piece of gift-wrap. This creates nice, thick paper.
  • Profesionals: open the PDF in Inkscape or Illustrator and edit it.

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