Maybach-Stromlinienwagen ’32: The Rolling Zeppelin!

Lord K’s Garage #162: The Rolling Zeppelin – Dieselpunks.

Just look at this car:

1932 Maybach Spohn Stromlinienkarosserie

Isn’t it fantastic?

The Maybach Zeppelin DS-8, powered by a 8-liter V-12 engine, was introduced in 1931. It was one of the most refined automobiles of the period, a formidable rival of the Rolls-Royce, Grosser Mercedes and Hispano-Suiza. Superficially, the Zeppelin was a rather simple car of conventional design. Here is a preserved example with Spohn bodywork:

But in 1932, Spohn atelier produced a special streamline body for the DS-8. And it was different not only from the ‘standard’ bodywork but from any of its contemporaries:

1932 Maybach Zeppelin Spohn Stromlinie1932 Maybach Zeppelin Stromlinie DS 8The Maybach Stromlinie was displayed at the 1932 Berlin Auto Show:

1932 Maybach Zeppelin Spohn StromlinieSee the different paint scheme? Probably there was more than one body. Besides, the car was advertised (which doesn’t mean it was available commercially) in two variants, powered by 6- and 8-cylinder engines.

Maybach StromlinienwagenThe fate of the Maybach Zeppelin streamliner (or streamliners?) remains a mystery. As far as yours truly knows, there are no survivors. But maybe some day, in some obscure barn… Can’t we dream? I believe we can.

1932 Maybach Zeppelin Spohn Stromlinie

1932 Maybach Zeppelin Spohn StromlinieIm

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