Even more Logos/Branding

Even more Logos/Branding – Finals and some scraps. on Branding Served.

Some branding projects by Emir Ayouni

  • Cosmic Virtual Machines
  • Best Tech Toys Emblem for Best Toys Guide
  •  Peter’s Gourmetsåser
  • Quest
  • Final Logo Mark
  •  Final Logotype
  • Scrapped concept
  • Show This
  • Final Logo Mark
  • Scrapped Concept – Alt 1
  • Scrapped concept – Alt 2
  • Voortrekker

    This project never went through.
    I was hired as 3rd party for the project and the client got dropped.
    The Logo/Emblem is up for sale.
  • Voortrekker Logo/Emblem / 1200
    Unused proposal
  • Yellow Brick Creative Studio
  • Final Logo
  • Scrapped Concept
  • For more of my work, visit http://www.dribbble.com/growcase

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