40 Vintage Stylish Badge & Emblem Logo Designs

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 Written By: Nora Reed
Badge and Emblem logos can be a great choice when designing a vintage logo identity. It is not only classy but has this aura of authority that inspires a viewer to stop and take notice. That’s probably the reason why this type is used more extensively in military. Historically speaking, this trend started with the earliest versions of logos in which codes of arms and family crests were painted on the old paraphernalia of war.
Although, designing client-oriented logo is the basic concept behind crowdsourcing, there are other techniques to learn and practice in order to succeed in your freelance logo design business. You need to expand your knowledge about the various options and types of logo design.
Here we have collected the latest, most amazing, badge and emblem logo designs available online. If you have never experimented with this type before, maybe we can inspire you to be more daring in your ways to design projects in 2013.
Have a look!

1. Maugers Meats

2. Dordo

Maugers Meats Dordo

3. Perfekta Promenader

4. Marena

Perfekta Promenader Marena

5. Monte Carlo

6. Hike or Die

Monte Carlo Hike or Die

7. Spacebound

8. Home Sweet Home White Rebound

Spacebound Home Sweet Home White Rebound

9. United Task Co.

10. Tokyo Bicycles

United Task Co Tokyo Bicycles

11. San Francisco

12. Duchin

San Francisco Duchin

13. Glace Cakes

14. Ken Ring & Tommy Lee

Glace Cakes Ken Ring & Tommy Lee

15. Mama Menu #2

16. Soda Connoisseur

Mama Menu #2 Soda Connoisseur

17. Stores Bar & Grill

18. Blue World Coffee

Stores Bar & Grill Blue World Coffee

19. Costa Rica Surf Reality

20. Mama Menu #1

Costa Rica Surf Reality Mama Menu #1

21. Marry Ann Photography

22. Ten Ring Archery

Marry Ann Photography Ten Ring Archery

23. Jigarilla Apache Indian Rezervation

24. Moonshiners Backwoods Brewery

Jigarilla Apache Indian Rezervation Moonshiners Backwoods Brewery

25. Geaorgia High School Fencing League Logo

26. Boynton Physicians Group

Geaorgia High School Fencing League Logo Boynton Physicians Group

27. Inspected Emblem

28. ASS

Inspected Emblem ASS

29. Mini Jazzfesztival

30. Home Birth Life Badge

Mini Jazzfesztival Home Birth Life Badge

31. Het Botenhuys

32. Steele Glassworks

Het Botenhuys Steele Glassworks

33. Your Friend in Lisbon

34. MTV Crest

Your Friend in Lisbon MTV Crest

35. Gloucester & Sharpness Badge

36. Target Chalet Identity

Gloucester & Sharpness Badge Target Chalet Identity

37. Galactic Empire Imperials

38. NYC Bowling Club

Galactic Empire Imperials NYC Bowling Club

39. Cocoa Jos Emblem

40. Vintage Salsa

Cocoa Jos Emblem Vintage Salsa

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