The real thing: Batman and Robin 1943

Primeiro Batman das telas!

c. 1943: Batman and Robin
“”Batman” (1943) is a 15-chapter serial by Columbia Pictures. Batman and Robin struggle against Dr. Daka, a Japanese scientist and agent of Hirohito who has invented a device that turns people into pseudo-zombies, and has a base in a Funhouse of horrors, in a Japanese area of the city. Daka makes several attempts to defeat the Dynamic Duo before finally falling to his death when Robin hits the wrong switch, opening a trapdoor to a pit of crocodiles.“No attempt was made to create a bona fide Batmobile, so a black Cadillac was used by Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, as well as Batman and Robin.

“It has been decribed as “one of the most ludicrous serials ever made””

– Wikipedia

Retronaut – Batman and Robin.

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