20 Papéis de parede minimalistas para inspirar seu dia

20 Minimalist Backgrounds for a Simpler Desktop

  • D213471f

    1. Vivid 2

    A shock of color on a metallic gradient. Magnifique.

    By Alexander234.

  • F6b4d485

    2. Plus

    This colorful vintage pattern is just busy enough without being distracting.


  • Bea277a7

    3. Blue Crystal

    Swim to the surface of this beautiful fractal pool.


  • 923bab2a

    4. Rock On, Pixel Hand

    Because cursors are boring.

    Via J A S P E R.

  • B7092af2

    5. Chess

    The perfect game, rendered in beautiful simplicity.

    By Chris Bogie.

  • 7414249d

    6. Classic TV

    This vintage boob tube has a painterly feel.

    By Luis.Viera.

  • 72d9be14

    7. Rainbow Colors

    For when you just need some color.

  • 3ca9ae38

    8. TETЯIS

    Now the theme music is in your head, too.

    By Skltwn.

  • Fd15f298


    For the analog enthusiast.


  • F7595e19

    10. Cloud Storage

    A clever one for those who work on the web.

    By Satchell Drakes.

  • A3701a6d

    11. Charlie’s Shirt

    You’re a good man, Windows 7.

    By Rodrigo Muniz.

  • 22c719e8

    12. The Epic Begins

    The only thing better than a fresh desktop wallpaper is a litter of baby Ninja Turtles. Combine the two with this green background.

    It’s based on a popular T-shirt design.

  • 41e91064

    13. Arcify

    Gaze into this colorful portal. Go on, do it.

    By Adam Bachman.

  • 73fe98d3

    14. Darth Trimmer

    You’ve got to wonder if Lord Vader ever pined for a simpler life, free of galactic distractions.

    In a related story, “Galactic Distraction” is an awesome band name.

  • 67d0db1e

    15. Solar System

    If you like feeling small every time you turn on your computer, snag this slick illustration.

    By Guillaume Cabanel.

  • 02760ced

    16. Apple Bold in ROYGBIV

    For the Apple fan boys and girls, this beautifully textured wallpaper comes in a variety of hues — even a rainbow version.

    By Tibneo.

  • 752564d0

    17. Brain

    Analytic / Creative

    By Jack.

  • 463a041d

    18. Clouds

    Keep your wispy cirrus uncinus. We like our clouds chunky and minimal, thank you very much.

    By brianlechthaler.

  • Cf196946

    19. NES Minimalist

    You’ll feel the buttons beneath your thumbs on every boot.

    By *tdj1337.

  • C0f7906b

    20. Share

    Lastly, a text design that’s dear to our social media hearts.



Source: 20 Minimalist Backgrounds for a Simpler Desktop.