Muito  legal esta esta edição small batch da Russel  Marzen, comemorativa da Oktoberfest… Reparem o fundo do rótulo remetendo à bandeira da Bavária, berço da Oktoberfest.

Russell Märzen Oktoberfest Lager

 Designed by Atmosphere Design

This redesign of the Russell Märzen label aimed to keep the traditional Oktoberfest feel while giving it more impact and shelf recognition.

Font used: Fraktur

From the label:

Russell Märzen, part of the Russell Brewmaster Series, is a copper-coloured lager. 3 types of malts are used in the brewing process: Pilsner, Munich and Caramel Vienna which are balanced by the clean bitterness of German Hallertau Hops and distinct noble hop aroma. Perfect for pairing with roasted meats and harvest vegetables.

Märzen, which means “March” in German, is a classic German beer style created before the invention of refrigeration. Back then, brewers weren’t able to brew lagers during the summer months — temperatures were too high for the lager yeast to ferment properly. So in March, brewers would stockpile beer which was cellared in cold, dark caves during the summer. In October — when temperatures had cooled, and it was time to brew again — the remaining beer was pulled from the caves and enjoyed by the towns people in a celebration we now call Oktoberfest.








Source: Russell Märzen Oktoberfest Lager | @ohbeautifulbeer.