Alternativas aos produtos Adobe (incl. frees)

I doubt any of these can do as much as the Adobe option (except Quark), but they might do as much as you need, and as I’m asked about it now and again I wanted to put something together.


Photoshop alternatives

Acorn (OS X, $49.99)
Pixelmator (OS X, £20.99)
GIMP (OS X, Windows, Linux, free)
SketchBook Express  (OS X, Windows, Linux, free)

Illustrator alternatives

Sketch (OS X, £54.99)
Inkscape (OS X, Windows, Linux, free)
iDraw (OS X, £17.49)

InDesign alternatives

Quark (OS X, Windows, £799)
Scribus (OS X, Windows, Linux, free)
Lucidpress (browser-based, free while in beta, subscription to follow)

These and a few others mentioned elsewhere:
Jon Hicks uses Acorn and Sketch
Khoi Vinh on Sketch
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15+ alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud, on Web Designer Depot

If you’ve used any alternatives it’d be great to know what you think.


Outras alternativas: