Bota na conta do Putin!

Caraca! Querem botar MESMO o Malasyan MH 17 na conta do Putin todos dizem que as forças rebeldes ou russas têm misseis capazes de derrubar um avião A 33Kft…
Basicamente, segundo a ( seriam estes sistemas os capazes de tal ação:
S-75A Dvina (NATO designation: SA-2 GUIDELINE)
2K12Kub (NATO designation: SA-6 GAINFUL)
S-400 (NATO designation: SA-21 GROWLER)
Buk Missile System (NATO designation: SA-11/SA-17 GRIZZLY)




Porém basta uma pesquisa preguiçosa na web (Wikipedia) para achar isto:

(Ukranian) Army Air Defence
The Army Air Defence units are responsible for covering troops against enemy air attacks anywhere on the battlefield, and while in combat. The Ukrainian Ground Forces army air defence branch is equipped with a variety of effective surface-to-air missile systems of division level and anti-aircraft missile and artillery complexes of regiment level. Regiment level units are characterized by their high rate of fire, vitality, maneuverability, and capability of action under all conditions of modern combat arms operations. Surface-to-air missile systems and complexes of division level are characterized by their long range and firepower and are equipped with surface-to-air missile complexes;S-300V,Osa, Buk, Buk-M1 and Tor. While anti-aircraft missile and artillery complexes that are of regiment level are equipped with the Tunguska-M1, Igla MANPADS system, Strela, and Shilka anti-aircraft missile systems.[28] While the army’s only separate radar system, meaning it isn’t a part of any anti-aircraft system, is the Ukrainian Kolchuga-M. It was designed sometime between the years 1993–1997, the system is said to be one of the most (if not the most) advanced passive sensors in the world, as it was claimed to be able to detect stealth aircraft.

e uma pesquisa menos preguiçosa, no Global ( dá isso:

The UkrOboronService State Enterprise performed work for the Ukrainian Armed Forces to restore combat capabilities of air defense weapons and equipment, as a part of a program of technological modernization of the Air Forces to be conducted through 2017. The program includes in-factory maintenance on four S-300 air defense systems and one Buk-M1 (SA-17 Grizzly) air defense system annually. To date, the company has completed work on six S-300PT air defense systems. A seventh S-300PT is being prepared to enter service, and two more S-300PT systems and one Buk-M1 air defense system are currently in work. UkrOboronService also has contracts with Kazakhstan and Belarus for maintenance and modernization of air defense systems.