Aberturas de programas atuais com estética de aberturas de filmes dos anos 50.

Modern 50s Typography

by ABDUZEEDO Tue, 08/18/2015 – 00:37

I love the 50s style especially the black and white noir feel that some images have. Luke Ritchie was able to capture that brilliantly in his series of screen titles of popular TV shows. I love the depth, texture and of course the style. I might even try to recreate the look for an upcoming tutorial.

We took a selection of popular modern day Tv-series, and re-imagined them as 1950’s screen titles. The focus here was to use typography to convey the atmosphere and personality of the show, using as little graphical devices as possible.

For more information about Luke check out http://www.lukeritchie.co.za/

Font: http://abduzeedo.com/modern-50s-typography

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