Henry Ford Invented Cars Made Of Hemp Plastic That Ran On Hemp Fuel

Fonte: Henry Ford Invented Cars Made Of Hemp Plastic That Ran On Hemp Fuel


Technology has continued to soar into the 21st century, and life on Earth has continued to become more and more and convenient to live when just about every piece of technology is now being labeled as smart, due to the powerful capabilities. During the 20th century, technology was nowhere where it is now. CARS MAY HAVE RUN ON UNIQUE FUELS However, this was a century where the large-scale introductions took place. One of the best inventions to ever be introduced to individuals took place through the automobile. Never before did individuals think that a car could exist and take individuals from one location to another. However, this was the case through one of the richest men in the 20th century. The man known as Henry Clay Ford was a part one of the grandest creations to ever exist. He profited greatly from the making of this great invention, especially because only the upper class could afford such a luxury. RELATED ARTICLES Scientists Invented Bionic Leafs Which Can Produce FuelOh God, Someone Ran ‘Fear and Loathing’ Through Google’s Neural Network ‘Deep Dream’. Watch THIS! The prices of such cars would translate about 100k-200k today. Even in the 21st century his cars still sell endlessly, although they are losing in competition to countries like Japan and China imports, due to the run where American cars were seemingly viewed like an oxymoron and were not desired by consumers. Despite this Henry Ford was still on of the most successful entrepreneurs to ever walk the Earth and is having his pedigree passed on to other individuals within his family such as his Grandson in William Ford. Despite the Ford product being one of the most successful and innovative creations, Henry Ford may have had something even more unique that was in his storage of ideas. In today’s age, there are now cars that run on electricity and even some economically friendly cars that run on carrot oil, although that one was not very successful. Henry Ford was now believed to have had cars called Hemp cars that apparently ran on hemp oil. FORD’S HEMP POWERED HEMP MADE CAR It is believed that Ford wanted cars to be fueled by hemp fuel, not by gasoline as it is believed to be much easier to obtain than gasoline. Gasoline requires a lot more effort as well as potentially destroying habitats for animals. He wanted the fuel to be friendly for the environment, and this fuel would do that by being able to be turned into oxygen for everyone to breathe in once the fuel was exposed to public air. These cars were believed to be made of a unique fiber with it making up about 70% of the car. It is believed the strength of this fiber was tested with a man slamming an ax into the car repeatedly, but it did not leave a mark whatsoever. Despite the name hemp car it is believed to not have any THC inside of it, a main component of the marijuana plant. One could not get a high from simply sitting in the car, despite it being called a hemp car. Perhaps Henry Ford knew that the minute people heard the word “hemp” they would instantly jump to conclusions and start to debate that hemp is just another word for marijuana and that it could create a bad impact if one of the cars were actually laced with hemp. Despite it being reported that it lacks any THC, the mass media has a talent for blowing things up and spinning just about anything into a negative report. Henry Ford was a high IQ and high intelligence man, so he more than likely knew that things were a lot more tight-knit, when it came to rules. The idea of smoking marijuana in the 1900s was viewed as disgusting as taking another man’s life, so perhaps he figured it would be best to hold off on this little experiment, despite the fact that it may have netted him, even more, money and the car industry may have been changed forever for the better. READ MORE: http://www.disclose.tv/news/henry_ford_invented_cars_made_of_hemp_plastic_that_ran_on_hemp_fuel/139382

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