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Achielle Sam Limited Edition | Veerle’s blog 3.0.

Vintage looking bikes, you see them everywhere, and they are becoming a rather popular sub category. Like with anything else, it’s an art to create them just right without overdoing it. There is one Belgian company that masters the art of handmade bicycles like no other and they are called Achielle.

Meet Sam Limited Edition, only 50 available

This Sam Limited won the ‘Best Urban Bike’ at the French bike show R’Bike Lyon in 2012. A well deserved award as this is a beautiful bicycle. This is the kind of bike that you would proudly use as a decoration element in your home or office interior. The attention to details, and authenticity is sublime. It sure is an eye-catcher, a creation made with the pure love for cycling!

Achielle Sam Limited Edition

What makes this handmade Sam so unique?

The wooden wheels capture ones attention. They are light but very strong and they are special. Don’t think they won’t last as they have been around for generations already. In fact these wooden wheels had their part in winning the ‘Tour of Flanders‘ 3x times. They are handmade in Italy.

Another visual win are the unique flat profile fenders, the golden chain & the famous English leather saddle & grips from Brooks. This Sam Limited Edition has three gears from Sturmey-Archer, founded in 1902 in Nottingham. Sam has drum brakes in the front & back. They use Sapim Strong spokes to connect the hub & rim. The pedals are MKS and are coated in copper just like the base of the Brooks saddle. The accompanying toe clips are with leather straps from Brooks as well.

Limited Edition means what it says, so there are only 50 bikes being handmade. Unfortunately they are sold out. Each Sam has a unique number tag to identify its place in the range.

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